About this site

In recent years, the study of the complex relationship between members of different religious and cultural traditions has become an important aspect of Religious Studies, with many implications for the development of contemporary society.

This project aims to provide an innovative teaching resource to enable and foster the teaching of Jewish/non-Jewish Relations at undergraduate and postgraduate level. It brings together primary sources from all periods of history in their original languages along with English translations, introductions, and peer reviewed commentaries on each source, written by experts in the fields, and also offers suggestions for classroom discussion and further reading.

The study of Jewish/non-Jewish Relations can offer valuable insights into

  • the workings of prejudice and persecution,
  • peaceful co-existence and successful dialogue across the centuries.

If successful, the project will expand and seek additional funding to broaden its scope. Initially, however, the focus will be on Jewish-Christian relations.

Timeline and development

Work on the project began in July 2010 and this website went online in July 2011. We appreciate feedback from users of this site through email.

Project team

Conception, development and management of the project

Website creation

Website consultancy

  • Dr Jessie E. Paterson, University of Edinburgh


  • Dr Daniel Davies, University of Hamburg


The project was funded by a grant from the Spalding Trust, by a Knowledge Transfer Grant from Canterbury Christ Church University and supported by the University of Edinburgh.

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